Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley: Pacquiao can stop Mosley?

Manny Pacquiao was been dominating when he was still fighting in lower weight classes. He demolished every opponents let it be champion or challenger in a brutal and knockout fashion. When he fought everybody expect a brutal ending to his opponents. He has been proven a lot of things from flyweight to what he where right now. But most of his knockouts where in lower weight classes.

When he started climbing in weights and fought famous and renowned fighters in sports, it started his popularity and he became the most popular boxer in the world. The first Filipino ever who mark his name in the history of sports not just in boxing. He become a commercial model in one of the leading shoes and apparel company, NIKE. With his success he was now the most sought and most admired fighter in the universe. He gives his opponent the opportunity to earn the biggest paycheck of their career even they will be on the record book as one of the victims of Manny Pacquiao.

He fought bigger fighters and he succeeded in those fights. It started with the Future Hall of Fame Oscar Dela Hoya when he annihilated the so called Golden Boy of boxing in 9 rounds. It then followed with multiple superlative and money making matches against Hatton, Cotto, Clottey and recently Antonio Margarito. But did he able to dominate against bigger opponents?

Well, he was not able to knockout obviously but the way he outboxes and controls the fight it was totally dominating. He might not able to bring his vaunted power in bigger weights but we need to know that he is fighting elite fighters and those fighters have been considered as one of the most dangerous fighters in the history of boxing.

Manny Pacquiao was totally a phenomenal fighter of all time that is unmatched and it will take so many years to have another fighter like him. Indeed, he is the God’s gift in boxing a gift that everyone should be remembered.

On May 7, 2011, Manny Pacquiao will be facing once more the ever dangerous and a fighter who never stop by anyone. Now the question is “Can Manny Pacquiao knockout Shane Mosley?” or there will be an upset in the making?

Both fighters are now in the intense training mode and each camps express confidence that their fighter would be victorious.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley on May 7, 2011!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley: Mosley ready for Pacquiao!

Manny Pacquiao and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley are in their separate training camps and both of them promises a win to the millions of fans who will be watching come May 7, 2011. This could be the defining moment of Shane Mosley and will bring him to the promise land.

It’s not for money as he said. This is all about pride and reputation as boxer and to beat the pound-for-pound is such a great opportunity in the table. He would be probably considered as an underdog of his upcoming fight against Manny Pacquiao but that underdog status would greatly help him of beating the Pacquiao and shock the world.

It will be an explosive and classic fight in the making and this could be one of the biggest and exciting fight of the year. The world awaits of this event and it will be like a tsunami effects once the bell rings on May 7, 2011 in Las Vegas.

Manny Pacquiao on the other has been busy preparing on this fight by training hard in Baguio City, Philippines. All out and the same Manny Pacquiao you can witness on his training camp. There is no sign of complacency and over confidence on his face and his dedication would simplify his superiority in the ring.

The old warrior and the future Hall of Fame Shane Mosley would probably on target to upset and beat Manny Pacquiao on their fight on May. But that could be a mountain to climb that needs some focus, strength and intelligence to beat Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao would be the favorite of this fight and he is the most favored to beat Shane Mosley inside 8 rds. This fight if successful, Manny Pacquiao will be facing a more dangerous and promising fighters ever live. Manny Pacquiao will be the same and there’s no other fight strategy that he will bring against Mosley. Strategy that he implemented and uses on his fights would be the strategy that he will give to ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley.

Let us all embrace this megafight between Pacquiao and Mosley on May 7, 2011!

Let’s get it on!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: Yuriokis Gamboa the Little Tyson!

Yuriokis Gamboa blossoms to be the king of featherweight division and it has been foresee to be a multiple world division champion in the years to come.

Yuriokis Gamboa, with his speed, power and athleticism and not to mention his vast experience as an amateur fighting in the most famous country in terms of amateur boxing Cuba. He just develops his powers to produce explosive performance every time he fought.

Base on what I’ve seen on his fights, he is more known of his explosiveness and his ability to knock out opponents in the early rounds. It reminds me a lot of Mike Tyson, the way he attacks and his speed and power coming to his opponents. If he could continue and respond to the challenge, he will be more dangerous and more exciting to watch as he will elevate himself into a great fighter in the history of boxing.

If Manny Pacquiao known for his explosiveness and durability in the ring, this man Yuriokis Gamboa can match with what Manny Pacquiao is doing in the ring. He is truly indeed an explosive fighter with a lot of similarity of Mike Tyson. With proper training and discipline and self respect, he will truly become the next Mike Tyson.

No one knows that a fighter from Cuba will rule the featherweight division and become popular in the world of professional boxing. Recently he easily disposed the former fighter who fought toe to toe against Manny Pacquiao and that is Jorge Solis. He annihilates and knockout Solis in 4 non stop rounds. Solis even said: “Pacquiao doesn’t hit that hard, He throws a lot of punches but he doesn’t hit that hard. Gamboa hits very hard.”

Would this be a step for a Manny Pacquiao vs. Yuriokis Gamboa showdown?

But first he has to fight the most popular fighter in his division no other than Juan Manuel Lopez. If this dream fight will push through, it will be a mega blockbuster and most anticipated fight in the featherweight division. Both fighters known of their power and definitely this will be an explosive and all out fight in the history of boxing. A brutal fight in the making and one of them will be badly beaten.

Hopefully, all future dream fights will push through and that is including the most anticipated fight in boxing history Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley in May 17, 2011!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: Mayweather asking for $100M!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. asking for $100M in fighting Manny Pacquiao. Floyd Mayweather Jr. was totally out of his mind and this could not be happen. He is making history a history that will call him as the most coward boxer ever live. A stupidity that a boxer will ever do and Floyd Mayweather is the first boxer who ever demanded that kind of out of reach shares to fight the No. 1 Pound for Pound Champion Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather Jr. actions will just determine how he is so afraid of facing the legendary and the best fighter in the world Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao. He should not demand first and for all, he should fight the best boxer in the world and prove the world that he is indeed the No.1 boxer and not Manny Pacquiao.

It has been anticipated that Pacquiao vs. Mayweather will happen and that will determine who is the best boxer in the world today. If their fight will happen, this will cement their legacy and it will always be remembered as one of the best boxers in the whole universe.

Manny Pacquiao is working his way out of of giving on Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of the irrelevant reason to fight him anywhere anytime.

Mayweather Jr. has been in and out of the picture and he is one of the hottest commodities in boxing. Being the No.1 and now being the most coward boxer ever live. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been fought great fighters and future hall of fames. But his ability to fight young and talented boxers was a great question mark.

Now, Manny Pacquiao said that he is willing to slug it out with Floyd anywhere anytime. Pacquiao is a hell of a fighter that broke everyone’s heart when he fights anybody. He is a boxer with so much discipline and he always wanted his countryman to be proud of him.

Manny Pacquiao will be fighting ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley on May 7, 2011 and this could be one of boxing fights that everybody shouldn’t miss.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley on May 7, 2011!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley: Training Camp Begins!

Both fighters Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley now officially started their training camp in different level of preparations.

Shane Mosley the former undisputed champion and the future Hall of Famer, is very much determine to catch and surprise Manny Pacquiao on their May 7, 2011 blockbuster fight in Vegas. His preparation is on high level even at this late stage of his career. He believes with proper and hard preparation, he can eventually upset and stop Pacquiao dominance in boxing. He expects to get some sparring partners that will portrait Manny Pacquiao fighting style. With his team aiming for great fight and to beat Pacquiao, they are now geared towards shocking the world. He will have more than 8 weeks of training for this megafight on May 7, 2011.

Manny Pacquiao is on his way to become the most dominant fighter in boxing by beating ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley and he is now doing his works in high altitude in Baguio, Philippines. Training grind would be the same and his enthusiasm and hardwork will always be displayed during the training sessions. He is indeed a great man who never show complacency on his training and that always lead to a win and a championship.

Manny Pacquiao has been matched up with several great fighters in boxing and the future Hall of Famer. To name a few, Oscar Dela Hoya, Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales , Ricky Hatton and recently Antonio Margarito.

Manny Pacquiao is no doubt, once his preparation would be his typical preparation from his previous fights, Pacquiao will stand still and will beat ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley in a convincing fashion.

A lot of anticipation of this fight. Critics, fans and even some of the boxing analyst believes that Manny Pacquiao would simply dominate this fight against Mosley on May 7, 2011.

Boxing fans around the world are now monitoring on the development. Most of the Filipinos specially the less fortunate one would always cheer for Manny Pacquiao and it gives some happiness to needy.

Manny Pacquiao mission is to help and give people a better living.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Sugar Shane Mosley on May 7, 2011).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cotto vs. Mayorga: Who will win?

Miguel Cotto is one of a fighter who never knows how to back down. He is always in the fighting mode and ready to rumble. On March 12, 2011, Miguel Cotto once again will climb in the ring against another warrior and a veteran in sports Ricardo Mayorga who is known for his aggressiveness and ready to rumble.

Miguel Cotto is known as a cool fighter who is very technical and does a lot of damage when he already spotted the weaknesses of his opponents. Miguel Cotto doesn’t do a trash talk to anyone and just perform the talking in the ring and in the actual fight.

Ricardo Mayorga’s taunts and insults Miguel Cotto during their first press conference. It has been pure trash talk to an old fighter. This could be his last run for a championship and definitely this could be his hardest fight.

Both fighters are aiming for a fight against Manny Pacquiao. Whoever wins this one could be possibly line up for a megafight against Manny Pacquiao the pound for pound king in boxing today and one if not the greatest boxer of the world.

This could be an explosive fight base on fighter’s capability and display of power in their previous fights. This will not last for 12 rounds and somebody will fall and be brutally beaten by the other one. Miguel Cotto has an advantage against Ricardo Mayorga not just because of the age but because of his sharpness and precision. He is one of the fighters who really boxes intelligently and observe how the opponent is doing and this would simply separate him from Ricardo Mayorga.

Cotto vs. Mayorga on March 12, 2011.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley: Pacquiao in 6!

Manny Pacquiao vs. ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley will be less than 2 months away for their most anticipated fight on May 7, 2011.

It has been said that this fight will not last for 12 rounds as both fighters promises to end it with a knockdown. Experts believed that Manny Pacquiao will continue his dominance and supremacy once he steps into the ring against the future of famer in boxing ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley.

Shane Mosley is very determined to shock the world by defeating the world pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao. But that statement would only be believable if come fight night in May 7, 2011 happen. No doubt, he has still the gas and strength to box Manny Pacquiao but he should remember and reminded that he will be fighting the man who won 8 different division titles and the only fighter who achieved that fate. Even the great Muhammad Ali was not able to accomplish that.

With both fighters now in their respective training camp, it has been proven time and time again that Manny Pacquiao will go for a kill within 6 rounds of his fight against Shane Mosley. He was the stronger, quicker and younger against the former undisputed champion of the world and the man who beat the Golden Boy of boxing Oscar Dela Hoya. Shane Mosley is now one step away to stop the domination of Manny Pacquiao and to become the only boxer to beat the most dynamic and powerful boxer of the world Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao.

Pacman at 6! This will be the keywords of this superfight between the King of Boxing Manny Pacquiao and the old but very determine former champion of the world ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley.

Pacquiao is now becoming a monster in sports and the only Filipino who was recognize in the world of sports. He is indeed the best boxer of the world all time.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley on May 7, 2011!