Friday, May 27, 2011

Pacquiao – Marquez WorldWide Promo Tour Kicks Off in Manila

An unprecedented worldwide promotional tour for the much-awaited trilogy between pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao and Mexican Legend Juan Manuel Marquez will kickoff in Manila and end in Mexico with the fighters visiting other world capitals in-between.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum told the Philippine Daily Inquirer “we are going to do something special by organizing a worldwide tour which will kick off in the last week of August” as a buildup to the fight that will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on November 12.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Manny thrilled over Marquez III rematch!

Manila Philippines – Manny Pacquiao is already looking forward to his third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Tuloy nap o yun. Abangan n’yo (It’s on. Watch for it),” the reigning WBO Welterweight Champion told ABS-CBN during Sunday’s victory party for his latest win.

Pacquiao has yet to sign the contract as he awaits the arrival of his adviser, Michael Konz, from the United States. But even without it, his mind seemed set on the fight.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pacquiao too much for Mosley!

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Photos!

May 7, 2011 the most anticipated fight of the year Pacquiao vs. Mosley and everybody are so excited, eager and on their feet to witness the mega fight between two great warriors in the ring.

“Sugar” Shane Mosley promises to fight and give all of his skills against Pacquiao. But this was not been happened it was totally an opposite. He never came to fight and it was totally dominated by Manny Pacquiao from round 1 to round 12. It was in round 3 that totally change the game of Shane Mosley, when Pacquiao unleashed a left hook and hit to his jaw that sent him to the canvass where he himself does not know where that power came from. It was then he started to elude and run away from Manny Pacquiao that dismayed the fightfans and he was even urged to fight as a realy Shane Mosley as what he did to his previous fights.

It was a lopsided result where the 3 judges scored the bout in favor for Pacquiao, 119-108, 120-108 and 120-107.

It was very evident that Shane Mosley can’t do anything about it but to protect his name and try to run away from Manny Pacquiao. It was a boring fight to all the fanfights who expects a lot of actions and anticipation that Shane Mosley will give Pacquiao a run for his money.

But the good side in this fight is that Manny Pacquiao shows to the world that he is indeed the greatest boxer nowadays and his fighting attitude remains as solid, exciting and most entertaining. He chases Mosley overnight and he wanted to bring the show to the fans but the latter is almost non-existing. Manny Pacquiao indeed, the Pound-For-Pound King in boxing.

What’s next for Manny Pacquiao? This could be an exciting weeks ahead of the fans as we await the announcement from Top Rank Boss Bob Arum as to who will be Pacquiao’s next opponent. It could Pacquiao vs. Marquez or the most anticipated match up with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr. would certainly some billions of money in the table and definitely will be the richest fight in the history of boxing.

Let us now move on and see what will be the next move of Team Pacquiao. Hopefully, his next fight will be an explosive fight ever in boxing history.

Pacquiao vs. Marquez or Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr. would be a great fight for Manny!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pacquiao-Mosley Weigh-In Highlight!

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Weigh-In Video
Manny Pacquiao - 145 Ibs. Shane Mosley - 147 Ibs.
Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley 2011

Pacquiao-Mosley Weigh In Photos!

Pacquiao - 145 Ibs., Mosley - 147 Ibs.

May 6, 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada - Filipino Superstar Manny Pacquiao weighed in at 145 Ibs and "Sugar" Shane Mosley came in at 147 Ibs for their World Welterweight championship fight Saturday, May 7 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Pacquiao vs. Mosley is promoted by Top Rank in association with MP Promotions, Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions, Tecate and MGM Grand. The Pacquiao vs. Mosley telecast will be available live on SHOWTIME Pay Per View.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley 2011! Watch it Live.

Pacquiao Mosley Weigh In Live!

Manny Pacquiao Is Ready To Fight!

It’s all set for Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley megafight on May 7, 2011!

Filipino boxing champ and the only fighter who won 8th division title Manny Pacquiao is all set for his bout with ever dangerous Sugar Shane Mosley on Sunday (Philippine Time). This will be witness by millions of fans all over the world and to be telecast by ShowTime Pay-Per-View. This fight would be the first for Manny Pacquiao this year and he is looking for 1 fight this year after Shane Mosley.

After all of the hard trainings and hard fought sparring sessions with great prospects in different divisions, Manny Pacquiao is very much ready to exchange punches against Shane Mosley. This could be the defining moment for both fighters as they will leap for a bigger and brighter opportunity in their future in boxing.

Pacquiao is simply amazing and his work ethic was awesome as nobody can even duplicate his success in the ring and in the world of politics. He has been showing a lot of improvements every time he fought and conquer his opponents as nobody believe at first. Manny Pacquiao is such a great gift of God! He inspires and gives hope to his people and every win he shared something good to his constituents in GenSan.

Manny Pacquiao become big in boxing and his success is something that can’t be overthrown by anyone without the same dedication and determination as Pacquiao have. Pacquiao is truly a phenom in boxing and he transcends the sports into the next level. He changes the entire picture of boxing and he put himself as the man of boxing. Also, he inspires youth and those children who are in poverty. He bring hope and he bring motivation to them and he always believe that his success is something that he can show to the entire world that he is indeed the greatest boxer of all time.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley would be a war and with Manny Pacquiao having the advantage is expected to annihilate or knockout Shane Mosley in fashion. But in the other hand, Shane Mosley is simply confident in disposing Manny Pacquiao as he disposed Antonio Margarito.

Manny Pacquiao is the greatest boxer of all time! Pacquiao vs. Mosley on May 7, 2011!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Final PressCon!

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Final PressCon!

It’s been few months that we’ve been all waiting for and the most anticipated fight between Pacquiao and Mosley is few days left.

Superstar Manny Pacquiao and “Sugar” Shane Mosley pose during the final press conference of their upcoming fight at the MGM Grand for World Welterweight mega fight on Saturday May 7, 2011. Paquiao the 8th division champion and the current pound for pound king vs. Shane Mosley the future hall of famer is promoted by Top Rank in association with MP Promotions, Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions, Tecate and MGM Grand.

The Pacquiao vs. Mosley telecast will be available live on SHOWTIME Pay Per View.

Who are you going to pick on this fight.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley, Watch it as this will be give the fans all over the world a worth of their time.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight on May 7, 2011!

Pacquiao and Mosley Ready To Each Other!

Preview Episode 3 - FIGHT CAMP 360: Pacquiao vs. Mosley

They said, “Sugar” Shane Mosley is being said is old and there is no way he can beat the best boxer in the world today Manny Pacquiao. He brushed off questions about his age and he believes that age is not an issue because he is mentally and physically prepared. He dismissed suggestions that he was in decline and he wants’ to prove it on May 7, 2011 @ MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

If there’s a fighter who is capable of matching Pacquiao’s speed and power, that would be Shane Mosley. It would be more difficult but with his attitude towards the fight, he can give Manny Pacquiao a run for his money. Mosley will never back down and even he was hit hard he still standing and continue fighting. He is truly a warrior with a lot of guts and has a heart of a champion. Shane Mosley is a former undisputed champion and he even beat Oscar Dela Hoya not once but twice. Choosing him as an opponent for Manny Pacquiao is a perfect fit.

As what fight fans said, Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter ever live and he is the greatest boxer in the world today. Can you imagine winning 8 division titles and beating great fighters on their prime? Though, he was question and criticizes but still majority of fans believes, he is undoubtedly the only fighter who can give a worth of their time. With his skill sets and discipline it would be hard for anyone including Shane Mosley to win in a 12 round fight. Manny Pacquiao shows remarkable improvement every time he fought and he showcase a lot of unpredictable fighting style that creates wonders in the ring.

He is the only fighter that fans crave for more and they always wanted some more fights for Manny Pacquiao. His work ethics would signify his greatness and he was well recognized by any sports organization not just in boxing but in sports as a whole.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley would bring some memories in the mind of fight fans as both fighters’ promises to give it all and 12 rounds Is too long for this fight. A knockout is the only prediction is on their mind. This Pacquiao-Mosley fight would set a stage to possibly fight the man of an hour, Floyd Mayweather Jr. If Mosley victorious against Pacquiao he would definitely face Mayweather. But if Pacquiao wins his fight against Mosley, it will be a big question if Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally accept an offer to fight Pacquiao in mega million showdown.

Let us all get together for the Pacquiao vs. Mosley Showdown on May 7, 2011!