Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: Manny Pacquiao Displayed Explosiveness in Media Workout!

Explosive. Speed and Power and Determination! These are the thoughts of the majority of the media during Manny Pacquiao media workout in Wild Card Gym yesterday for his preparation on his fight against great rival Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao-Marquez 3.

Explosiveness that will bring in the ring during fight night this is how Manny Pacquiao will showcase to all fightfans that Juan Manuel Marquez just got lucky enough on their 2 previous fights. Pacquiao believe that his 3rd fight against Marquez will end all talks and lead to rest as he is bound to stop Juan Manuel Marquez in a brutal fashion within 6 rounds.

Manny Pacquiao Media Workout witnessed by international media is just like watching a phenomenal man who is unmatched by other fighters with so much discipline, dedication and hard work to assure his victory on his fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12, 2011. His punches talk to itself and his quickness and improve defense is just too much for Marquez. Juan Manuel Marquez is gearing for a real battle and this could be the battle of his life.

Manny Pacquiao is the only fighter who captured 8th titles in 8th different divisions. A fate that even the greats like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard never tasted in their elusive career. Even the so called former number 1 pound-for-pound Floyd Mayweather Jr. is far cry from what Manny Pacquiao achieved.

Manny Pacquiao at 32, is showing to the world that with hard work nothing is impossible. He showed continued improvement and he never get contented to every performance he has shown. Pacquiao is a motivated man and he believes that to win a fight, he should always in great condition and great focus in the game.

Manny Pacquiao media workout is just like something that the media are waiting and they immediately create a storyline that featured the extra ordinary work of a man who succeeded boxing just like no other. Media was all praised and amazed to what they had witnessed and they are all concluded that this would be the end of Juan Manuel Marquez career comes November 12, 2011. Because of Manny Pacquiao work ethic and improve conditioning, it would be hard for Marquez to dominate and knockout Pacquiao in their upcoming trilogy.

As for Juan Manuel Marquez, he keeps his faith and he believes that the only fighter who can fight Pacquiao toe to toe is himself. He has been preparing for this fight and he don’t want to take this fight to the judges. He wants revenge; He wants knockout and not decision. He believes with his experienced fighting Manny Pacquiao would be enough to beat Pacquiao in their 3rd encounter. Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico is now the new hero in his country and his countrymen are keeping their faith and complete trust that he will defeat Manny Pacquiao this time around. Marquez preparation is such a hell and expect a tough battle against Pacquiao but then at the end of the day the team Marquez believes that their fighter will come out a victor.

This is fight would create history as both fighters promises an explosive, non stop action. All fightfans are now ready for the most anticipated fight for this year and many believes that this might break the all time PPV records and it will save HBO for this year sales dismay.

Pacquiao-Marquez 3 is on November 12, 2011 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Let’s get it on!



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