Friday, February 18, 2011

Donaire vs. Montiel : Battle of Supremacy!

Mexican fighters have one thing in mind, and that is not letting themselves being annihilated by a Filipino fighter. Over the years the indestructible Mexican warriors were beaten and exposed by a Filipino fighter name Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao. From Antonio Barrera to Juan Manuel Marquez, they were beaten and simply overmatched by Pacquiao.

Within few days Fernando Montiel will try to regain respect from boxing world to beat Nonito Donaire an inspiring Filipino fighter. Fernando Montiel known for his aggressiveness is very much determined not to let another Mexican warrior lose to a Filipino fighter. He even said that this fight would not last 12 rounds and Nonito will fall within 8 rounds.

The great bantamweight fighters of today will collide on February 19, 2011 and majority of the boxing aficionados and experts are predicting that this fight will be more explosive and this will go the distance.

Nonito Donaire on his side will try to snatch the bantamweight championship from Fernando Montiel who will reign the bantamweight for so many years now. Nonito Donaire a proud pinoy promises something that this could be a brutal and exciting fight of his career.

A tremendous expectation people rally behind this big fight are Mexicans and Filipino fans as there’s a big poster in Las Vegas saying “World Championship”, the poster reads, in big, bold letters: ‘Mexico vs. The Philippines.”

As what Bob Arum said:

“ This fight between Nonito Donaire and Fernando Montiel – everybody who follows boxing knows it will be a great fight, but the interesting thing for me about this fight is the countries where these fighters come from, the Philippines and Mexico.” There is almost frenzy about this fight. I was informed that in the Philippines there are two one-hour television specials promoting the fight, and they are expecting a huge audience on Sunday morning, which is their time equivalent of when the fight will be aired.

“In Mexico, there is tremendous anticipation and great media coverage. It is my hope that the enthusiasm that is coming from the Philippines and Mexico permeates in the United States, that people that follow boxing and casual sports fans watch this fight on HBO because it truly will be a great fight for the sport of boxing.”

Both fighters are bringing their country and both of them don’t want to lose. Nonito Donaire expressed his confidence to beat the champion Fernando Montiel and at the other end Montiel is very much confident that nobody can take away his throne without a bloodbath.

Manny Pacquiao is the only fighter who frustrates and breaks the dreams of the Mexicans by defeating their great hope. It is also in Fernando Montiel mind that Nonito Donaire would not be able to do what Manny Pacquiao did to his countrymen.

This rivalry between Mexico and Philippines will continue as there are some rising stars from both country. But this coming February 19, 2011, would be a classic, explosive and must see fight between Donaire vs. Montiel as what expected this could be a bang.

Donaire vs. Montiel on February 19, 2011!

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