Sunday, February 20, 2011

Donaire vs. Montiel: Donaire humiliated Montiel in 2!

It was totally a very explosive fight for the bantamweight division for a long time. We have witnessed the end of Fernando Montiel and the rising of Nonito Donaire Jr.! It was totally a shocker for the Mexicans who witnessed the devastating loss of their hero in the hands of a filipino warrior named Nonito Donaire Jr.

It was not totally unexpected outcome of the fight. Fernando Montiel came very much prepared and confident that he can easily defeat Nonito Donaire and no one can take away his belt without a total war. He was even shock and surprised when he was in the canvass and don’t know what was going on.

Nonito Donaire Jr. has been proven and silent all of his critics that he is worthy to be given a chance to fight a great champion Fernando Montiel. Now, he is the greatest bantamweight ever live.

A single punch that changed everything, a punch that rest Vic Darchinyan. A punch that shocked the boxing world and stop the former undisputed bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel in the 2nd round fo their WBO and WBC Bantamweight Championship.

It was a devastating knockout of Fernando Montiel who ruled the bantamweight division for so many years until one boxer who came and conquered his dictatorship in the division. The man named Nonito Donaire Jr. broke every mexicans heart by defeating their hero in the 2nd round. Once punch that shocked the world , one punch that signified that indeed, Nonito Donaire Jr. is second to Manny Pacquiao in the Pound-for-Pound list.

When Donaire delivered that killer punched to the jaw of Montiel it was like a bomb that blasted in the soul of Montiel and you can really see it how hard that punched as Montiel was like a baby crying and begging for help just to get up and continue to fight. But it was all over the damage has been done and Nonito Donaire Jr. stop Fernando Montiel in the brutal 2 rounds of boxing.

Nonito Donaire Jr. inspired by Manny Pacquiao and the filipino people, delivers a message that he is indeed the monster in the ring and anyone who fought him will make their career in danger.

Fernando Montiel a great champion and a real warrior was all praised and have so much respect to Nonito Donaire Jr. But he must admit that Donaire is just simply too much for him and a better fighter that will surely dominate the bantamweight division is he decided to stay. Money will speak for itself, if there’s lot of money in bantamweights, Nonito will stay but if necessary to step up and fight in featherweight then he will likely move up and face the best fighter in the division.

Power, Speed and Intelligence that is the signature of Nonito Donaire Jr. – The New WBO and WBC Bantamweight Champion!

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