Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mayweather vs. Ortiz: Victor Ortiz will shock the World!

It’s a 7-1 underdog in favor of the former pound-for-pound king and the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Victor ‘Vicious’ Ortiz. It is surprising isn’t it? This might be because Floyd Mayweather Jr. was more popular and he is no.1 in America? But who is the champion here? Its Victor Ortiz right? It would be unfair to say that this fight has been already considered as lopsided in favor of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Victor Ortiz is a fighter known for his speed and power and his style brings danger to Floyd Mayweather Jr. This fight is not a walk in the park for Floyd Jr. but rather this fight could be one of the brutal fights in his career. Whether he will win by knockout or he will loss in knockout and suffer his first loss of his career. If that would happen, would everyone believe that he is not the right fighter to collide with the current pound-for-pound king Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao?

Victor Ortiz is not a fighter who will backtracks and afraid to change face. Ortiz is a fighter who loves to rumble and exchanging punches whoever he will be fighting. Victor Ortiz all fights are more explosive and brutal as majority of his wins are coming by knockouts. But the losses of his own were also in knockouts and this might be give Floyd Mayweather Jr. a confidence that he can easily neutralize the power and speed of this young champion by out boxing and with his high IQ in fighting, it would be easy for him to dock Victor Ortiz easily. But can Floyd Jr. really create a situation to frustrate Ortiz? Can Mayweather be able to show to the world that he is still the pound-for-pound king in boxing?

September 17, 2011, the day when Victor ‘Vicious’ Ortiz will climb to the ring bringing his confidence and intend to shock the world against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Victor Ortiz believes that to be the best he should beat the best in his division and he believes that Floyd Jr. is one of the best. When he fought Andre Berto he was an underdog and being an underdog there is no pressure at all. He fought Berto toe-to-toe and he suffered some knockdowns but he gets up and put Berto into the canvass few times that give him a unanimous decision. After the fight he was back on top and now he wants to prove again that once Floyd Mayweather Jr. face him and will fight as a man, it will surely an end of Floyd greatness and his advice is ‘Don’t be stupid but be careful’.

Victor Ortiz, a young breed of a fighter and the current WBC Welterweight World Champion is on a mission. That mission will be against Floyd Mayweather Jr., a mission that will stop suffocating development the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather future mega fight. Victor Ortiz on his part it will not happen because he will retire Mayweather Jr. for good and he will face Manny Pacquiao and get the chance to beat the pound-for-pound king in boxing.

As of this writing, Ortiz already in good shape and if the fight will stage today he is very much ready. He is now look superbly conditioned and when the fight night is on he is ready to slug it out and shock the world. Victor Ortiz is a southpaw and it will give Floyd Mayweather Jr. a hard time to attack because Floyd Jr. has not been performing well when fought a southpaw.

Experts believe that Victor Ortiz is very much capable of pulling an upset and Floyd Jr. should be more focus and he should not be destructed by any other issues especially against Manny Pacquiao. He should focus on his upcoming fight against Victor Ortiz on September 17, 2011 on MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Victor ‘Vicious’ Ortiz is a young and ferocious fighter and he is all set for the upset of the century. He is all focus on his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. It will totally shock the world if this will happen but definitely, it will not an easy task he should work hard on this.

Mayweather vs. Ortiz on September 17, 2011 @ MGM Grand , Las Vegas!

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