Monday, September 19, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr. : Unsportsmanlike Conduct and a cheater!

Did Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought fairly? Or did he fight unfairly just to avoid what could have been his first defeat in humiliating fashion. It was very evident that he takes that shot right away when Victor Ortiz was not yet in fighting position and the referee, somewhere and somehow failed to give the signal to fight. Though they touch gloves but still that is very unsportsman. Floyd Mayweather Jr. showed how he displayed his unsportsmanlike conduct and able to land that left and right combination to finish off the unready, young and inexperienced fighter ‘Vicious’ Victor Ortiz.

Victor Ortiz though he was evidently had a hard time to catch Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of the latter speed and quickness, Ortiz slowly hitting some big shots in the fourth round and he is heading for his momentum if the fight progresses. But because of his eagerness he headbutted Mayweather and try to sincerely apologize because of what he did and he felt unintentionally. From that time being a sportsman, he hugged and kissed Floyd Jr. just to show his apology but then again I know something will happen after that. A disastrous end by Victor Ortiz that stop the fight was totally a collapse of focus and inexperienced, Floyd Mayweather jr. landed a sucker punch without his knowing and with the help of the referee Floyd Jr. wins it via knockout.

The MGM Grand erupted and booed Floyd Jr. for not showing the attitude of a fighter but rather what he showed was his cowardice act in sports. From that round he knows, that Victor Ortiz is getting his rhythm and momentum and it would be more dangerous if the fight will go to distance. Definitely, Floyd Jr. will suffer some humiliation.

Arrogant and disrespectful to his fellowmen Floyd Mayweather Jr. is enjoying his win and on his press conference he had mention that It would be impossible for him to fight Manny Pacquiao as he don’t need Pacquiao to be a hall of famer. If Pacquiao would go for his requirements, he might agree for the megaclash against Manny Pacquiao.

I believed that there was a big mistake also for Victor Ortiz and that is he let his guards down. Thru inexperienced and very young and fighting his bigger fight he suffered with a brutal knockdown against a man who claim that Manny Pacquiao is nothing if he never using his name. Manny Pacquiao remains focus on his forthcoming fight and his sight is not with Floyd Jr. but to his archrival Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12, 2011 @ MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. obviously never wants to fight Pacquiao as he will always keep his demands from from another. This is the act of cowardice and he displayed something not a good image in boxing. He chooses his opponent if he feels he can beat it easily. But believe me, he never fought a real contender, he never fought the likes of Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito on his division and this is one of the reasons why he made his semi retirement before because of Cotto and Margarito.

Now it’s time to move forward and hopefully the Mayweather Jr. camp realizes that there would be the best fight to witness. They knew it what the fight fans are craving for and what the world wants to witness. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is now the center of an issue in the sports today but at the end of the day he will endured his victory and he will consider it as fair and legal…. As he said “Never let your guards down.” Because if his opponent did, definitely he will take it advantage and that is how intelligent fighter also do.

Hopefully, the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather dream fight will push through and everything will be in place and set the stage of the most anticipating fight of our generation, the current pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao against the former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Pacquiao-Marquez Trilogy on November 12, for it!

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