Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayweather vs. Ortiz: The parallelism of Victor Ortiz and Manny Pacquiao !

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz Final Press Conference!

Victor Ortiz and Manny Pacquiao are in some ways alike, in their experiences outside and inside the ring. As fighters, both are southpaws. Both produce explosive punching power with their hands. Both are current welterweight champions and both are exciting to watch in the ring.

Outside of the ring, both men are product of a not so easy life. Both came from a family devastated by abandonment and separation. Their fathers left them at a young age, Pacquiao and Ortiz both 12 at that time. Ortiz though, suffered the abandonment early when his mother left them at the care of their father five years earlier. Both became men at a tender age because of the circumstances that they face in their young life. Pacquiao left his home of General Santos City when he was 14 and sailed away 600 miles to the capital city of Manila in search of a job, any job to help support his mother and five other siblings. Pacquiao sold doughnuts and worked construction to earn money. Ortiz at 12 would carry a hoe and work the cornfields of Kansas to earn his living. He even admitted that he dealt drugs in the streets of his home city of Garden City, Kansas as a teenager. Ortiz and Pacquiao grew and hustled in their own "streets of life" thousands of miles apart in the early years of their life.

Watch for one of the most anticipated fight of the year... Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz on Saturday September 17, 2011 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

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