Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Donaire vs. Montiel : February 19, 2011

Fernando Montiel Vs Nonito Donaire!

All set and go for one of the highly anticipated fights in 2011 Nonito Donaire vs. Fernando Montiel.

It has been said that there is no such fighter in the bantamweight category that can beat Montiel. But with the emerging Nonito Donaire, it was totally changed and many believe that this could be the end of Fernando Montiel reign in bantamweight division.

Fernando Montiel, dominated the bantamweight class has been around for decade and he faces world class fighters in his division under his resume. As we all remembered, he beat Hozumi Hasegawa of Japan in 2010 and unified the bantamweight belts. That was probably his biggest win and put him in the top of his division.

But Nonito Donaire, is a great example of a fighter who put the fight into his brain and implement it through his punches. He is a great thinker with a combination of speed and power. No other fighters I’ve seen like him in this generation. Even Manny Pacquiao was all praised by this young man and even believes that nobody can beat him for as long he will continue his style and avoid over confidence.

Donaire was the fighter of beat the most feared boxer in his division Vic Darchinyan in way of TKO. Nonito Donaire, the only fighter who delivered and sent Darchinyan to the canvass in just one counter punch. That was the time for Nonito Donaire to position himself as one of the promising fighters in the world.

This could be an exclusive fight and many predicted that this would not go in the distance. Somebody will fall and somebody will go home crying.

I bet it would simply be the hardest fight for Fernando Montiel and it would be an explosive performance by Nonito Donaire.

Here’s the comparison:

Nonito Donaire , 25-1 (17 KO’s), San Leandro, CA/Talibon, Philippines

Fernando Montiel, 44-2-2 (34 KO’s), Los Mochis, Mexico, World Bantanweight Champion

Take your pick amigos!

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