Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley is ON!

Now it’s confirmed, Manny Pacquiao will officially fight Sugar ‘Shane’ Mosley on May 07, 2011!

Just today, Manny Pacquiao the Pound for Pound King in Boxing and the Fighter of the Decade confirmed that he already signed the contract in fighting Sugar Shane Mosley on May 07, 2011 and sent through Michael Konch to Top Rank.

Fighting Sugar Shane Mosley has been an issue and most criticized in all Pacquiao’s fight. Manny boxing fans and majority of the boxing analyst that Mosley is not the right opponent of Pacquiao specially when boxing fans are craving for a better quality fights on his last 2 to 3 fights of his career. They have considered Mosley as a washed up and old ambitious fighter and not on his prime anymore. But come to think of it, he is the fighter who knockout Antonio Margarito even the later has illegally wrapped his fist just to beat Mosley on their fight.

Considering that this would be one of Manny’s last few fights it should have been carrying some excitement and with a bang. Many believes’, Manny Pacquiao chooses an easy fight and easy money. Will he deserve on that, but this could be lead into a disaster if he will not take this seriously.

This might be Mosley last drive to greatness as he wants’ to have some redemption and this is now his biggest opportunity to showcase to the world that ‘once a great fighter, always a great fighter’. But Manny Pacquiao is the greatest fighter and indeed, he is the greatest of the greatest fighters of the world.

Come May 7, 2011, We will witness again the fight that we shouldn’t miss. Even with all the criticism, debates and arguments on this fight Pacquiao vs. Mosley. Still, everybody wanted to witness and watch how this the greatest fighter of the world today no other than Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao.


  1. lets get it on......i know mosley will kiss pacman's ass..

  2. Be ready guys and support the pound-for-pound king . Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley and be one of the many who will be watching it for real action.