Monday, January 31, 2011

‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley: Ambitious Old Fighter!

It was a little bit surprised when I read an article about Shane Mosley statement that what he was aiming in fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. after disposing Manny Pacquiao on their upcoming fight this coming May 7, 2011. He is now displaying over confidence that he can beat Manny Pacquiao and will shock the world. This fighter is inviting Pacquiao to a word war and destructs the 8th division title and the pound-for-pound.

Though, personally I am not counting this as an easy fight for Manny but the way I analyze and forecast this fight, it would totally a dominating performance again by Manny Pacquiao. With proper training and no complacency, Manny Pacquiao will annihilate ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley.

Mosley statement might be based on his performance against Antonio Margarito. As Manny Pacquiao, was not able to stop the ‘Tornado’ on their previous fight. Well that would be enough to compare his performance to Manny’s performance and to say that he can beat the Pacman?

He even stated that he can knock out Manny Pacquiao that everybody will be shock and nobody expected to happen will happen on May 7, 2011. Showing a confidence is just like boosting himself to prepare for a brutal finish of his career.

As Shane Mosley said:

“It’s been proven. My knockout record has proved it,” I can knock him out,” Mosley told

This statement is a warning and Manny Pacquiao knows already about it. It was properly studied and the team Pacquiao is not taking Sugar Shane Mosley for granted. Team Pacquiao has a high respect of the man that is now widely considered as one of the greatest fighters of his weight class.

Mosley will surely do what he wants to do and so with Manny Pacquiao. This will be surely an explosive match as the two faster fighters will collide will stop all doubts as to who is really the fastest hands in boxing.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley 2011!

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